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A Time to Kill

A Time to Kill

Based on John Grisham’s riveting novel and adapted for the stage by Rupert Holmes

Carl Lee Hailey shot two men in the very courtroom where he now stands trial. But attorney Jake Brigance sees Hailey's act of vengeance against the racist men who attacked his daughter as a desperate bid for justice, and he's willing to risk everything to defend his client's life. As the trial heats up, the community is torn apart in this gripping adaptation of John Grisham's incendiary novel about race, crime, and family in small-town America that asks the question: when is it right to take justice into your own hands?

Audition Dates

Wednesday, February 7th @7PM (6:30 sign-in)
Friday, February 9th @ @7PM (6:30 sign-in)

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

Performance Dates

Thursday-Friday and the 2nd Saturday, April 18, 19, 25, 26, 27 at 8pm
The 1st Saturday and all Sundays, April 20, 21, and 28 at 2:30pm


Auditions and Performances:
Southside Theatre Guild
20 W. Campbellton Street
Fairburn, GA 30213

Directed by Rachel Cofield

For more information, contact

Cast Requirements

(11 Males 3 Females and 3 roles that could be cast as either gender.)

All the characters speak in a deep southern (Mississippi) dialect with the exception of Ellen Roark, who should have a New England accent, if any.

Jake Tyler Brigance – {Caucasian Male; 30s to early 40’s.} A promising small-town Mississippi defense attorney called upon to defend an African American man accused of murdering two white men, smart and street smart, but unprepared for the challenges of the racially charged trial and the notoriety it brings him.

DA Rufus Buckley – (Caucasian Male, 40’s to 60’s) The star prosecutor of the trial, confident he will turn a conviction into a ticket to the Governor’s office, loves the spotlight, cunning and smooth.

Carl Lee Hailey – (African American; mid 30s to early 40’s) Vietnam veteran, plays by the rules; his young daughter is raped by two rednecks.

Lucien Wilbanks – (Caucasian Male; late 50s-60s.} a Liberal Southern attorney, the William Kunstler of Mississippi, now disbarred and usually inebriated.

Ellen Roark – (Female; mid-20s to very early 30’s.) Bright law student, daughter of a leading Boston civil defense attorney, getting her degree at Ole Miss, winsome and admirably ambitious.

Sheriff Ossie Walls – (African American 30’s to 40’s.} The first black sheriff in a predominantly white Mississippi county. Tough and fair. He upholds the law regardless of race.

Judge Omar Noose – (Caucasian Male or Female Late 50’s Plus.) Droll circuit court Judge, has no patience for lawyers. Crabby drinks vodka on the bench.

Gwen Hailey – (African American Female 30’s) – Carl Lee’s wife. Loyal and supportive of her husband, but has strong opinions about his actions and his defense.

Deputy Pate – (Caucasian 50s – 60s.} Venerable court clerk who has seen it all. He looks after the Judge.

Dr. W. T. Bass – (Caucasian Male 40’s to 60”s) Alcoholic psychiatrist – expert witness at the trial.

Drew Tyndale – (Caucasian Male or Female 30’s plus) is a public defender assigned to Willard and Billy Ray Cobb.

Billy Ray Cobb – (Caucasian 20’s to 30’s.} Uneducated racist who confesses to raping a young African-American girl

Pete Willard – {Caucasian 20’s to 30’s.} Uneducated racist who confesses to raping a young African-American girl

ADA Musgrove – {Caucasian Male 20’s to 40’s) the bookish ADA to DA BuckleyTerrell

Grist – (Caucasian Male 20’s to 30’s.) the Klan member who is sent to bomb Jake’s home.

Dr. Rodeheaver – (Caucasian Male or Female 40’s to 50’s.} Psychiatrist brought in to testify at the trial.

Norma – (Race and age are open.} The court reporter.

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