The Phantom Tollbooth

The Phantom Tollbooth

Susan Nanus, based on the book by Norton Juster

July 15, 1999
July 31, 1999
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Directed by
Tammy D. Hyder-Williams

Southside Theatre Guild is excited to present this special engagement!

As a special event, it is NOT a part of our regular season of shows and is not included in your season ticket.

This fantasy based on Norton Juster's book, follows the adventures of Milo in the Land of Wisdom where he's forced think about many new things. Milo is dispatched to rescue the banished Princesses, Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason from the Land of Ignorance. The knowledge and skills Milo gathers on his journey help him to save the Princesses. When he must return home, Milo is sorry to leave his friends - but enriched by his experience, he realizes his attitude towards learning will never be the same.

The Phantom Tollbooth
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Cast List


Played by

The Clock / Tock
Jared Wright
Jay Prosser
The Whether Man
Sam Thames
Six Lethargarians
Rebecca Kling, Nicholas Stanley, A.J. Stevenson, Olivia McKinsey, Jane Morgan, Heather May
Azaz the Unabridged, King of Dictinopolis
Michael McKinsey
The Mathemagician, King of Digitopolis
Peter Morgan
Princess Sweet Rhyme / The Letterman
Carrie Thames
Princess Pure Reason
Julie Neal
Gatekeeper of Dictionopolis / The Minister of Meaning / The Dodecahedron
Sam Thames
Three Word Merchants
Rebecca Kling, Nicholas Stanley, A.J. Stevenson
Spelling Bee
Jane Morgan
The Humbug
Paula Saje / Ann Redwine
The Duke of Definition / Kakafonous A. Discord, Doctor of Dissonance
Olivia McKinsey
The Earl of Essence / Senses Taker
Mark Touchstone
The Count of Connotation
Ian McCarthy
The Undersecretary of Understanding
Helen Hammond
A Page / The Awful Dynne
Heather May
Miners of the Numbers Mine
Helen Hammond, Ian McCarthy, Mark Touchstone, Rebecca Kling
The Everpresent Wordsnatcher
Rebecca Kling
The Terrible Trivium
Nicholas Stanley
The Demon of Insincerity
A.J. Stevenson

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